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Brock School of Business

Here is a collection of my work while working for the Brock School of Business while at Samford University. Where I also did website auditing and photography, I helped create content while in this roll as well. Here is my collection of collaborative posts, reels, and block posts.


Throwback to an incredible experience at the inaugural National Collegiate Digital Marketing Competition at Baylor University in Waco, Texas!

Courtney Peters, assistant professor of marketing, took Brock School of Business students Noah Letcher, Amelia Leahy, Shannon Gillman and Joseph Hopkins and made it in the top
8 in the main presentation.


Collaborative Post with Samford Abroad and Samford Howard College of Arts and Sciences



"I thoroughly enjoyed my internship with Sporting Duet Academy. It was the perfect program that not only allowed me to highlight my skills but also be pushed to grow and develop new marketing ideas and techniques. I gained valuable cross-cultural communication skills, expanded my global perspective, and enhanced my adaptability. I would highly encourage anyone to study abroad if they are offered the opportunity." - Noah Letcher (Class of 2024)


Clif Eason, associate professor of marketing, took six students to Atlanta to compete in the National Collegiate Sports Sales Championship.


Jack Beacham placed top 16 in the Sales Division.

Madison Locke placed top 32 in the Sales Division.

Parker Smith placed top 32 in the Corporate Partnerships Division.


Noah Letcher, Joseph Salvo, and Brennan Smith attended the event to network with top national sports teams and gained valuable experience.


Everyone loves group projects! With the advanced data analytics course with professor Stephen Hill, eight selected students were able to spend the semester working alongside Vulcan Materials, getting a hands-on learning experience.


They were able to use the principles they had collected throughout all of their data analytics courses and present to several individuals of Vulcan Material's company.


Students were very thankful for this opportunity and learned a lot about data analytics and how to work as a team.

While at the National Collegiate Sports Selling Competition, I spearheaded an Instagram Story Take-Over

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