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Chris Crews - Target

Executive Team Leader | Service & Engagement 

August 2022

Noah has been employed at the Huntsville South Super Target for about a year and a half, and he has been an absolute joy to have on our team. Noah is consistently one of the most reliable team members to schedule. His positive impact, though, on store culture cannot be overstated! We can always count on Noah to lift up the team around him with his friendly/efficient Guest service, and certainly thankful for the "team" mindset Noah has brought every day over his employment with us. 

Each week, every store submits a team member for what we call a "Service Superstar." Overall, each candidate is recognized for their outstanding Guest service, and typically the recognition originates from a Guest praising that team member in a survey. Noah has been nominated numerous times as was recognized at the district level for an amazing experience he provided a Guest and their family back in August of last year. Through Noah's consistent performance over exceeding my expectations in his role, he as also become one of our team trainers. His personal development and truly owning his role has not only motivated other team members around him but also has led to him becoming a big part of the onboarding process for new team members in role to look up to. 

In this next chapter of Noah's journey to better himself and education - I can simply say that it was an honor to be asked to write this letter of recommendation. I am so proud of Noah's dedication to his role at Target, and I certainly wish him well in the next chapter in his life. The people Noah has impacted with his time at Target I know both appreciated the person Noah is, and would all stand behind me saying how proud we are of the leader he has become. 

Christopher Crews

ETL Service & Engagement 

Huntsville South

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