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Influencer Strategy

I recommended Tim Tebow as a possible influencer partner with the PHFC: 

  • Both Tim Tebow and the PHFC want to help people, especially children, so they have a common goal. 

  • He has a wide reach on many platforms. He talks a lot about his foundation and helping children. This would help the PHFC become more known to potential donors. 

  • The exchange would be a positive image for him, and he could donate books to those who got involved. He might even come down for a service project. This gives Tim Tebow good coverage and content, while also helping the PHFC. 

  • I think that success would be measured by increasing viewers on the PHFC accounts. However, Tim Tebow would potentially gain viewers, since it is his platform that we would be using, however, it would not be to the same scale as the PHFC. He would gain positive feedback by helping homeless children. 

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