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Marketing Campaign Strategy

  • The overarching goal is to make people more aware of the work that PHFC is doing and encourage them to donate. 

  • For our target market, we have to find ways that will encourage them toget involved with PFCH. Since 30-50 year olds do not spend as much time on social media as 10-20 year olds do, we have to find ways that will entice them to engage with our content. One struggle we will face is getting people to find the PHFC credible since they do not have a large following. I think they should focus on storytelling, especially at the start. From here, after people are invested in the mission of PCH, having giveaways on social media would help generate more traffic. 

  • Budget-wise, we have to operate with as little expenses as possible. Canva is free and works well for creating content for their social media platforms. 

  • The campaign parameters will vary depending on the product/post. From my past experience, one has to be careful how often they post, so having PHFC post 3-4 times a week would work effectively. 

  • When it comes to how to incentivize people to support the PHFC, people do want to help others, especially when they are seen helping people. Posting on social media the impact that others are having on the PHFC and the community is their incentive to get inovlved.

  • All the campaigns will life completely on social media. Advertising for events will be posted on Facebook and Instagram with follow-up content posting on LinkedIn, which helps build credibility.

  • The post will be on the social media pages, but by using different graphics for the story posts it helps keeping people notified of the upcoming events. 

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