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Social Media Analysis

  • Even though collaborating with individuals is a great option to consider, one could also look to organizational collaborations as well, which can also help increase following.

  • One thing that I have personally researched is collaborating Beta Theta Pi fraternity with PHFC. Most greek like organizations work alongside a nonprofit and help raise money for those companies. 

Through this project we looked at Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for which we created one video based post and one photo based posted (these are still waiting for approval). This content looked at various topics and students had to think outside the box in order to create content that followed the brand image, while also being unique with every individual post. 

  • Similar to dog shelter commercials at Christmas, the PHFC should play on the heart strings of the followers. Especially since our target market spends more time on this platform than any other. You want to tell stories. It is a little more text based since the layout of the post shows the text first and allows for less scrolling. Facebook is still the #1 platform. 

Add a subheading.png
Add a subheading.png
  • Instagram is more of visuals based platform than Facebook. Creating content that also encourages engagement while not being manipulative is key. When using these stories of kids, we have to be careful to show them as victims necessarily, but showing what impact the viewer can have. That is why having a "call to action"is vital. Encourage them to get out of the home and into the hearts of these kids. 

PHFC LinkedIn Post.png
  • Even though it is not the first platform that typically comes to mind, it is vital to showing the credibility of an organization. For the PHFC, they do not have a huge following, so finding ways to be credible and for people to track their growth is important to their success. 

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