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Rhonda Parker

Communications and Media Professor | Samford University

May 2022

I write to recommend Noah Letcher. I’ve known Mr. Letcher since he arrived at Samford; he is minoring in my department (Communication and Media, CAM) and I serve as his advisor. His intelligence, ambition, and remarkably strong work ethic make him an excellent fit.


When I met Noah, he was a freshman, but I assumed he was a senior. His self-confidence, intellectual curiosity, passion for cultural differences, and enthusiasm for engaging in all classroom discussions revealed to me a level of academic sophistication I’d seen only at the senior level (and not often enough, even among seniors). When I learned he was a freshman, I was stunned. I’ve been teaching at the college level since 1985 and I’ve never encountered anyone like Noah. 


He is absolutely a self-starter and immersed himself in the study of marketing strategies in social media before ever setting foot at Samford. His choice to earn his undergraduate degree in business and minor in communication and media was a good one. The fusion of knowledge between business/marketing and persuasive psychology in social media will not only serve him well in his career, but it’s also an area that is in critical need of more research. Given his ambition and intelligence, I predict Noah will do exceedingly well post-graduation.


He is extremely conscientious, self-reliant, achievement-oriented, and strongly self-disciplined. He sets goals, develops a plan for attaining them, and his perseverance is undeterred. He has an advanced ability to analyze, organize, and integrate information into an accurate assessment of virtually everything he encounters:  people, events, research, technology, you name it. He values logic, efficiency, and clear organization. This translates into highly effective decision-making skills.


Additionally, Noah is passionate about cultural studies and has embraced several opportunities for diversity training. He is, by nature, an inclusive individual who has both studied and demonstrated cultural sensitivity.  He is broad-minded and values the richness, breadth, and opportunities for growth (at every system level) all cultures offer. 


Finally, Noah is personable, dependable, and possesses maturity beyond his years. He is a gifted communicator and has strong writing and speaking skills. He excels across all communication contexts, be it interpersonal (one-on-one) or working in team/group settings. Mr. Letcher is versatile and can adapt competently and appropriately to any communication setting, regardless of culture, location, occasion, and/or audience. 


Given the many attributes outlined above, I’m confident you will find Noah to be an outstanding young man. I give him my most enthusiastic recommendation.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you’d like more information or have any questions. I welcome the opportunity to talk about Mr. Letcher with you.


Rhonda G. Parker, Ph.D

Professor, Department of Communication and Media

Samford University

205-482-2992 (cell)

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