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Fall 2022 | Study Abroad

Noah spent the fall semester of his junior year studying abroad. He studied in London, England for four months as part of an immersive international educational experience. Through this program he gained valuable cross-cultural communication skills, expanded global perspective, and enhanced adaptability. In addition to his internationally focused courses, he successfully completed an internship with Sporting Duet Academy, a women's and girls' soccer club. He spent over 240 hours working with Sporting duet.


Sporting Duet Academy

  • Collaborated with the manager to create content for multiple organizations

  • Designed graphics for various agendas and campaigns, including Instagram posts, infographics, and press releases

  • Managed social media accounts such as LinkedIn and Instagram for Sporting Duet Academy and other clubs

  • Brainstormed ways to promote girls’ and women's soccer in Greater London

  • Revamped and created websites independently for the Capital Girls League

  • Completed market research for women’s and girls’ soccer in London

"I had the pleasure of having Noah as an intern in London. Although to Noah’s credit, he performed well above this level. Noah is diligent, creative and conscientious with an amazing work rate. He is a consummate team player who brings unstoppable positivity and energy and would be an asset to any organisation fortunate enough to have him." 

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