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Courtney Peters

Assistant Professor of Marketing | Samford University
Over the last two years, I have had the pleasure of having Noah in three of my courses at the Brock School of Business. From the first time I met Noah, I could tell he was an outstanding and hardworking student. It has been a pleasure to have Noah in my Principles of Marketing course as well as Digital Marketing and Content Marketing courses. His passion for Marketing - especially Digital and Social Media - shines through his ability to brainstorm and apply his knowledge to practical projects. Noah also served as the captain of our National Digital Marketing Competition Team. Chosen by his peers for this honor demonstrates Noah's affinity for leadership and subject matter knowledge. I look forward to seeing all Noah does in his career. 

Chris Crews

Executive Team Leader Service and Engagement


Noah has been employed at the Huntsville South Target, and he has been an absolute joy to have on our team. Noah is consistently one of the most reliable team members to schedule. His positive impact, though, on store culture cannot be overstated! We can always count on friendly/efficient guest service, and certainly thankful for the "team" mindset Noah has brought every day over his employment.

Rhonda Parker


Samford University

Noah is personable, dependable, and possesses maturity beyond his years.  He is a gifted communicator and has strong writing and speaking skills. He excels across all communication contexts, be it interpersonal (one-on-one) or working in team/group settings.  Mr. Letcher is versatile and can adapt competently and appropriately to any communication setting, regardless of culture, location, occasion, and/or audience. 

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